Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow , Grass

They sure got it right this time again. It's supposed to do this
all night. And they said 1-1/2 inches an hour. The last big snow,
18 inches, I saw was 1964 in The Shoals Area.

I bought a car battery and a power inverter, just in case the power
goes out. At least I could use my laptop. Goodness, I'd not like having
internet withdrawal.

Kassey isn't impressed with all the snow, but she was perched in the window
for awhile. She has been looking for her grass and can't find it. I finally put it
in my Bathroom with the lamp on it. If I don't hide it, it'll never produce.

This is about all, bedtime for me. And she's in bed already.
Y'all stay warm and be blessed.


  1. My mom will be very happy if I already be in bed and waiting for her.
    And I will very happy to get pet before I go to sleep.

    I think you better be quick !!! Kassey is ready to purrs
    Night ! Night ! Sleep Tight : )

    Mr Puddy

  2. Good idea mom nothing worse being without computer, especially on day such as this. Stay warm and have a lovely cosy Monday x

  3. I remember our cats of the past that would go out and shake each paw as they went out in the cold beyond LOL! Our last cat thought he was a snow leopard and seemed to enjoy it...I thought it was so funny to watch!

  4. Oh boy, you are in for a storm! That's a LOT of snow. Stay snug and give Kassey a kiss from us.

  5. I definitely have withdrawal symptoms when my internet service is down.
    We are supposed to get lots of snow this afternoon.

  6. Kassey, I will share my grass!


  7. I hope you didn't get too much snow and that your power didn't go out. We are supposed to have that snow tomorrow!

  8. It looks lovely on the news. I live in north Louisiana. we were SUPPOSED to get snow/mix, but where I live we got 30 minutes of sleet. period. Daughter lives in Anniston area of AL. Got LOTS!

  9. I've got lotsa grass, and you're more than welcome to share it Kassey. I'll keep Tango and Ruby indoors, but I'm sure they wouldn't bother you one little bit, as they're well behaved dogs.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.