Monday, January 10, 2011

They Got It Right

I don't know how much we got here, but they said on the news that we got 7". Florence got 11".
There was different amounts over the State.
It warmed up a little and started to melt and I can now see the shape of the walks.

 This is Kassey's sunny spot, but it looks like no                     sun tomorrow either.  I know my girl would like her sun puddle back.......


  1. We got a big dump of snow too my friend ~ looks like we are in for a long winter! :(
    xo Catherine

  2. wow! You really got whammed!! Stay cozy!

  3. Dear Dear Dear !!! That's heap of snow !
    I hope you guys are alright and have enough food so you don't need to go out there !... Stay Warm.


    PS: I have lots of rain here, seems like it's going the whole week. No Sun too !

  4. More PS : I tried to sign your guess book for 3 days but it didn't work with me. It didn't load my photo by some reasons.

  5. Hey, that looks like our yard! Y'all keep warm and cozy!!!

  6. Gosh that sure looks like an awful lot of snow, poor Kassey , keep warm and cosy hugs Sheilaxx

  7. I think it's going to be a little while before Kassey gets her sun puddle back, Now, if she was a Polar Bear, she'd be in 7th heaven.:-), keep warm and sending you cosy cuddles from the UK where we have now [but for how long] got a warm spell.

  8. I can see why Kassey would want her sun puddle back!!! Hope she has a cozy blanket as a temporary substitute!

  9. The Admiral wants HER sun puddles back and all she has are snowy scenes to see and no sun at all.

    Kassey, tell mommy next time she goes to Wal-Mart, go back where the catfuds are and that's where you'll see bags of Party Mix. Friskies makes them. I know you'll love eating those Kassey. Tell me if Mommy gets them for you.

  10. Kassey you need electric Blanket for sleep?
    In here you can buy at the pet shop:-)
    HOT HUGS from Australia.

  11. Mommy was told by me, the Admiral to come over and say thank you SO much for your encouragement, Kassey (and mommy)

  12. I get depressed when we go days with no sun too so I know how she feels :(. Winter can't get over soon enough for me.

  13. I think it all stayed down your way. We had maybe an inch. It's the cold I don't like. And it being so gray.
    Stay warm!


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.