Air Mattress 

Kassey still won’t sleep on my queen air mattress.I gave it to my d-i-l and it was too big for her bedroom, so she brought it back and exchanged it for my double size.It had/has a huge leak. I didn’t remember her asking me if they leaked. Well, they’ve been good until now, all of them…lol  Andy used super glue on her double size, sure hope it holds. I’m running out of I don’t know where my leak is, well I really haven’t looked for it. I’m having too much fun ‘blowing it up’. Sometimes I just go to bed without adding air and wake up in a hole, very comfy though.When I’m in the sunken bed, Kasey looks at me and then looks at the bed, can’t help but wonder what’s she’s thinking. Any ideas?… Sigh…I’ll buy another one so she can sleep with me.
We’ve heard the saying ‘Purty is as Purty’ does.(southern pronunciation). My new Pink Vaio laptop is in Best Buy hospital. Andy said he thought it was the hard drive, been restored a number of times. Last time it crashed was enough for me, so I gave up. Thank God I bought the extended warranty, but I’m very unhappy with Sony, sure hope my other Sony stuff holds up. So far the TV, etc is holding up. Kassey sure loves it. We disagree on the boundaries set forth, like crossing my wires, going behind the TV, so now when she mis-behaves, she goes to her bathroom for time out…Yes she remembers, but she needs my attention and this is how she tells me. It’s a nice Lord’s Day, let’s be happy in it.Red roseCat face
 3/14/09   copied 1/16/15