Friday, January 16, 2015

Kassey’s Wednesday Rant..MAD CAT

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         Monday, ‘she’ took me to the vet, cuz I was scratching so. I never go out so we don’t know
how it happened but I had those sorry fleas. And it was almost time for my rabies shot, which
is so rediculus for an ‘inside cat’.
         I was ok while being weighed… no harm in that. Well, somebody picked me up and put me
on the table. Before I knew what was happening, she held me like my mama did. And then I felt
something sticking me. As if that wasn’t enough, someone stuck me again. I jumped up, scared 
everybody, including my human. I lost some hair too on that table. The needle human dropped the
needle and grabbed the vet. These humans had a good laugh at my expense. While one human had
a good grip, she stuck me good and I was so growling mad. After the shots, the human holding me,
said  " Go" to the needle human. She put this liquid stuff on the back of my neck. Finally, I was put
back in my carrier and we went home. It took a loooong time, it seems for the allergy shot and liquid
to go to work.
           Today, Wednesday, so far is a peaceful day , with no more fleas. She bought me a new flea color
to use after the Frontline expires. And we have flea powder to sprinkle on the carpet. I’m sure I’ll be
in a closed room while she does this, so I can’t walk in it. I’m happy now and I hope you all are ok.
            Blessings Always Everyone, KasseyCat face  11/18/15    copied  1/16/15

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