Friday, January 16, 2015

Moved To Her Bathroom…..Kassey 

                               Yesterday the bug spray man came and he sprayed more than he usually
                       does. She showed him the big spider in the bathtub in my room, so due to the spray I had
                       to use her bathroom. She knew that I wondered why my box was moved to her
                       bathroom. Naturally I went to mine but the door was closed. She told me after the spray
                       dries she’ll move my box back to my bathroom. 
                                Today it was stormy and I was on the recliner near the window. She said I should not
                       be by the window while it was lightening. So I hopped down and went to my new bed for a
                       nap. When I got up, she had moved my box back to my bathroom. Maybe she won’t be moving
                       things around for awhile.  Well, a cat can hope, I guess.Wink
                       Blessings Always,  KasseyCat face                  9/25/09    copied 1/16/15

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