We were blessed with another Christmas with our family intact. Who could ask for anything more? 
Kassey finally came into the living-room to check things out. The little ones sure wanted to touch her, but she
escaped their grasp. 
                       It was a cold night and is still cold today, in the 30’s with sunshine. Of course, I’m still 
waiting for snow while some folks are getting too much. I hope all you folks who are shoveling snow,
will be safe.
                       In the pictures I posted already, you’ll see Amy Rose in her Mother’s arms and with Grand-
Daddy Andy. She seems to be doing well on her rice formula. Amy Rose reminds me of so many blessings.
Her Dad is Brian who drowned as a teen, but was rescued by paramedics , swimming at the same place. I
mentioned this in a much earlier blog, probably under bamacatlover’s space , so I’ll not re-iterate the incident. 
                      I wish for everyone a blessed New Year, GGB   12/28/09    copied  1/16/15