Dreary Sad Monday Down Here 

It’s dreary outside today and I have fever . I have one more VALTREX to take for the shingles.
My online  Best friend sent me the lovliest  roses I’ve ever seen.  This was a day brightener, for sure .
 My sweet children gave me  gifts in person and called as well to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. 
My TN son gave me a  pretty card  as well. I talked to him last night and he said he was hurting all over. I hope he doesn’t have
this dreadful Flu and I hope I don’t either. This was my first thought when  I checked my temp. I seldom have a cold and don’t recall when
I had the Flu last.
Kassey loves the roses too so I have them on the mantle in my bedroom. It is cluttered to the max, so maybe she won’t try
to jump that high… yeah right…lol   She’s in there now looking so innocent. 
 Kassey has a new blog on her space (Ms.Kitty’s space).
I’ve tried to keep these spaces separate, but I forget which one I’m on…….LOL      Ms CATT is mentioned , Rambling On.  I do hope she’s feeling better.  I’ll be going to bed early tonight and I think Kassey is waiting for me too.
Goodnight to all and I hope a safe one. ….God’s Blessings Always To My Friends Wherever You Are.Red rose