Kassey’s Chocolate Blog 

Friday, 24th, my subject had a Doctor’s appointment in her hometown. So off she and her sister went and I was all alone again. I heard her call our neighbor and asked her if she would please watch for UPS, because she was expecting a package that could not be left out in the heat. It was a hot day and it would have ruined her chocolates if left out all day. She received 2lbs. of this chocolate and she keeps it in the refrigerator, it’s so creamy and soft if left out. It hurts my feelings to see her hide it like this, because I’d like a lick just to see if it’s sooo creamy and good. But she tells me that cats can’t have chocolate and I’m sure this must be true because she shares her butter pecan ice cream. I know she would share with me if I was allowed to have it.
She bought me a bag of treats last night when they went to Walmart . They left me alone again after being gone most of the day. And to stay in my good graces, her sister usually gives me treats when she comes over. Occasionally, she forgets or I’ve already had a treat and this hurts my feelings. I depend on her to do this because this is a part of her training. Oh, Sometimes, it’s so hard to train humans. I’ve been with these two now about  a year and a half . Well, they are learning and they know right away when I’m unhappy with them. When they start rubbing me, I give them a warning bite not to hurt or break the skin. I’d never hurt them, but they need to know that things aren’t going my way. I love these old birds, I mean ‘old ladies’…did I say birds?  Well I’m getting off the subject here. I really talk when I see birds outside and she told me she would put a bird feeder outside the window……I can hardly wait…..Gracious!! I need a nap and I’ll talk later….Love and Blessings, Kassey     4/25/09   copied 1/16/15