Soul Food Kind Of Day 

          Soul food is on the stove….big white lima beans, turnip greens and oven-baked cornbread.
Yesterday I pigged out on a big T-bone steak, so I’m being good today. A cloudy day calls for 
this kind of meal. They claim we’ll get rain, sure to be a cold one. Hometown reported sleet today
and it seems that they get more snow than we do since I moved here….lol  I’m happy to live here
though because a part of my family lives here and I would not have Kassey in my life.
           I have to bundle up good and take the garbage to the dump and check my mailbox. Before
the rain, I’ve got to get Kassey’s litter from the car too. ‘Nuff rambling….gotta get busy making corn-
bread too…..can’t wait for this.
           Blessings Always, GGB    12/30/09   copied  1/16/15