My Trump Card…by Kassey 

     As everyone knows, the old girl is still in training. Sunday, I was good
while she was dressing, didn’t even bother her closet. I’m an old girl too,
so I slept in. I was glad to see her when she got home and then I went into
her closet. I had to have a little fun out of her, that’s part of my job as a cat.
    I had to eat alone and left her a gift in her bedroom. I tried all day Sunday
to tell her that I vomited. But she kept staying on that thingy that she punches.
Every now and then, she’d pet me and ask me, "what is it"? Finally, she said, 
"Ok, show me what you need and we walked through the apartment. And then
 she saw it.
    Well, I thought this would teach her something.  But as always I need her attention for just a little while, doesn’t have to be anything important. She put up a new black box, which she called a modem, a funny word. It had this long cord hanging from it. So when she ignored me this last time, I went straight for that dangling wire, my trump card. Oh Meow! This got her attention. Ok, now I’ve got her. I’ve been a good kitty and never chewed a wire. Although, I have teased her while playing with one. This was when her toy was in the bedroom and she ignored me. So, my kitty friends, you don’t really have to chew wires, just pretend you are. Be good , my friends. Until next time, Your Friend, KasseyCat face