New HP Laptop 

       I’ve been somewhat disappointed with my SONY laptop. I have a SONY 
    desktop that is still good and its 5yrs. old. I decided to upgrade my monitor
    so I gave the monitor to Andy. He’ll get the whole thing anyhow when I die.
    I have a TV monitor  (bigger) that I want to add to the Sony desktop. It has 
    been a good TV, but I don’t use it….just watch the monster in the living-room.

       Today I went to Staples and bought an HP laptop and I’ll get a free upgrade
    to Windows 7. Well, I sure hope it has better performance than Vista, which I
   hate. I wonder if it’s the reason for so many crashes on my SONY. Of course,
   maybe I just got a LEMON at BEST BUY. 

      I bought the USB stick from Tmobile and I’m really happy with it. I’m allowed
   5 GB and I’ve only used lest than 3GB since Sept.4. I can also use it on the HP.
      I hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful night and a Good Lord’s Day tomorrow.
    Goodnight and sleep well, GGB     10/3/09    copied  1/16/15