Unhappy Kassey 

Maybe it’s the rain, I don’t know. I can see that some of my friends get to go out
side. I’m happy for them, but this makes me sad ’cause I only get to look out the window.
The other night I was so happy for a little while when I saw this black kitty just outside the window. I don’t
know if it was a girl or boy but I really enjoyed our visit. ‘She’ took a pic of me and tried to get a pic of my
new friend, but it didn’t work. I’m so hoping my new  friend comes back.
Today some of Andy’s family came by and stayed for a little while. Andy always plays                                                                                       with me, but he didn’t come. I came into the living-room, but didn’t stay so I went back
to my room. Maybe Andy will come next time and maybe the sun will come out tomorrow.
Until next time, KasseyRed roseCat face