I Tried Sleeping In Her Room….Kassey 

     I have been a very patient cat but until she inflates a bigger bed, I will not 
even try to sleep with her. Yesterday, she re-arranged my bedroom and it 
looks good. So to show my appreciation, last night I tried two times to get
comfortable on her little bed. I got up and came back. Well, it’s the same old
thing with her moving about. I just could not take it, so I left and never re-
turned until morning, pawing at her precious blinds. She really hates that and 
said, "get outta here, I’m not ready to get up." She got up about an hour later.
     She said the filter man was coming today and then she and my Aunt Jeanne
were going to town…..so I’ll be alone on this cloudy day catching some zzzzz’s. 
Love And Blessings, Kassey