Friday, January 16, 2015


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                  We like the rain, but hoping for a dry weekend for the community
             yardsale. She usually doesn’t participate, but helps my Aunt J. This is
           a community thing which is more fun for me as so many people are buy-
           ing things they ‘can’t live without’.
                  I enjoy watching people as humans do. And they can be funny or puz-
           zling to a cat. When ‘she’s’ busy, I ‘meow’ to get her attention, coz I want
          an explaination sometimes. And sometimes I just want her to stop what she’s
          doing and pet me. Well, I am her best friend and she’s the center of my world.
          Sometimes I just look at her for awhile and she says, ‘What’s on your mind?" I
          love doing this….funny humans…lolWink
                  I am enjoying my new bed coz I’m sleeping on her bed without disturbance.
          She did move it closer to her but I noticed so she put it back….silly human. I also
          enjoy walking across her to get to my bed. Why should I have to go to the end of
          the bed to jump up? When I leave the window it’s just more fun to jump on her night-
          table and walk right beside her and across her to get to my bed. Humans just need
          to understand that this is how it is.
                   I must go now and nap a little on this rainy day. It has stopped for awhile but
          still cloudy and cooler. 
          Blessings Always, Kassey Cat face Umbrella
9/21/09   copied 1/16/15

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