Friday, January 16, 2015

Talking about Nothing Important 

 It’s a lazy , rainy, gloomy Saturday and I’m got some zzzz’s in while my subject was doing her thing. She thinks she knows what she’s doing. She’s on the computer most of the time, completely ignoring me and I don’t like it one bit. She didn’t play with me all day so I got a looong nap on my pillow in her bedroom, next to her sunken bed. What’s up with that? She thinks I’m gonna sleep with her on that thing? My last subject had me de-clawed, don’t know why. I’ve always been a good girl. Good thing I am de-clawed, coz I might be blamed for the sunken bed. Every so often, I’ll walk across the bed , making her think I’m gonna sleep on that stupid bed with her. Humans. HaHa. And they think they’re so smart, but I know how to control my subject. I do the things she doesn’t like and then I get to chase the laser mouse. HMMMNNP, I’m the only one getting exercice. One day , she put a harness and leash on me. We went outside, my Aunt Jeanne and I, well, I almost got some real exercise. I slipped right out of that harness and was headed through the fence, but my Aunt Jeanne caught me. I might let them try that again , coz I miss being around other kitties. Sometimes when I’m sitting in the window, a stray kitty comes to the window. This makes me so happy. I need her attention right now and she’s getting off her toy for me, coz she loves me.Cat face
As the yarn ravels or is it unravels, more later, gotta go for now. Yall leave a paw print Please.Cat faceSmile  copied 1/16/15   post 3/14/09

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