Friday, January 16, 2015


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   Thank you all for your prayers for Amy Rose. She was x-rayed with blood work and seems to be OK.
She got strangled on her formula when it was upchucked and could not get her breathe. So she was rush-
ed by ambulance to the ER. They live about 12 miles from the hopital. While in the hospital, she sat in her
carseat because they were concerned that she could have GURD. The other concern is that there was
blood in her stool probably caused by a tear from a hard stool. This is about all I know, except that her
Mother is very busy. She said she’d had about 6 hrs. sleep since Amy was born.
    I hope to have some pix when Andy brings them for download. I’m so blessed with friends like you who
believe in the power of prayer.
    Blessings Always, GGBRed rose   11/3/09   copied 1/16/15.......Amy is the one on video who tried to eat Kassey's food.

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