It’s so very nice this AM after stormy weather last night. It’s 75 F at the present and cloudy.
The bad weather was all around us and we only got a little rain. I’m so glad ‘J ‘ (Sis) and I moved 
from our hometown, because it seems that their weather is the wildest and so scary. 
WE have been kept safe so far , truly Blessed . And the closet can be cleaned out quickly .
Because the desktop is near a window, I got on  Sony ‘Pinkie’ with Kassey by my side.
She is staying close today too. She may know more what to expect than the weather-
man..lol   Anyhow, we hope it’ll be calm today.
I made that good ole Southern dish , eggs and grits, for breakfast. I had 2 boiled
eggs and cut them in my hot buttered  grits. Instead of toast, I just put it all  on a
shingle. It was good, of course ,with coffee.
I’m not a typist and I haven’t a clue how this print changed. I ‘ll  probably blog again from
one of my fave books . They are so much more interesting than I. By nature, I’m not a big talker.
Until next time, I wish you all a Blessed day. Red rose