Friday, January 16, 2015

Purr With Prayer 

One night this week, after Kassey’s slight estrangement, I had in my Pc chair a denim dress spread over a pillow and I told her she could sleep in my chair and she did. Previously she had started sleeping in another room. Before sleep I was praying aloud for my friends on spaces who need prayer and also my family and I included Kassey when she started purring aloud. When I finished ,she stopped purring and we went to sleep.
Jeanne and I are planning to go to #1 son’s house for Thanksgiving dinner today. I’m sure the food will be good as it was last year and Son wants his parents there as usual.We always have a good time together. Maybe I can get some pics with my new Canon Digital of the "Oakdale" bunch,( for you who watch "As The World Turns". ) Happy Thanksgiving to you all and may you all be blessed in His name. ARed rose 
 copied 1/16/15     Nov. 2008

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