Friday, January 16, 2015

Talking About New Bed...Kassey

 Yippee !! She is so happy this morning. She saw me sleeping in my new bed and she didn’t know I was there until she woke this nice rainy morning. She had to get up early coz she and my Aunt J were gonna have a yard sale. And this would have been fun for me coz I would see a lot of people. We went back to bed and slept in for awhile. It was so nice sleeping on her bed and I’m sure she will take a picture when she catches me taking a nap. 
                                Usually when their yardsale is rained out, they have it later, but it’s ok coz I’ll have fun too.Red rose

New Bed For Me….Kassey
                    She always thinks our sleeping arrangements will get better.
        Ok, maybe when I decide it’s better. You see,she bought me a nice bed.
      But I’m not sure if I want to sleep in it. In the first place, it looks like a
      dog’s bed ! And if I sleep in it, I can’t sleep touching her. Now I ask you
      feline friends, would you even consider sleeping in this bed? Last night I 
      hid from her, but finally came into the bedroom….turned around and went
      back to the living-room. Well, this should tell her something. Oh my, what’s 
      a cat to do?

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