HP PC Arrival…etc 

                    My new HP laptop is now at home and it’s behaving rather well.
 As soon I can, I plan to get the free ‘Windows 7" that was another selling point.
 I may have already mentioned this. Every PC is so different, but I think this one
 and I will be friends. lol… I hope.  I never liked Norton, but I have it free for 60 days.
 I don’t know if I’ll continue with it or not.
                  Kassey has ignored this new toy, but the day isn’t over. lol  She’s napping
today in front of the window, looking for the sun. But, it’s cloudy and like so many
of us, we’re supposed to have big weather changes. Of course, I’m wishing for snow,
as usual coz we seldom get anything more than a dusting.
Blessings Always, GGBRed rose