Friday, January 16, 2015

Good Old Hog For Cooking 

I cooked turnip greens with olive oil, applecider vinegar and sugar which is good. My neighbor gave us some greens cooked with a Cajun flavor(red pepper). It was just right except , every now and then, it seems the pepper was hot in spots. We had some of hers before but couldn’t eat it. This time it was so good and also cooked with fatback, making them even better. Now Mussit (sister’s nickname) doesn’t want me to use this good ole’ stuff, ’cause we have a cholesterol problem. We were eating both our greens and I told Sis that Betsy’s greens were better than mine. She agreed but didn’t want to comment. I told her it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. The next night I cooked the big white Lima’s and she agreed to have the breakfast ham in them. She really enjoyed that hog meat. lol  So now I’m thinking about that good ole’ streak-o-lean. Every now and then should be ok, at least I’ll keep telling myself.     1/16/15       Nov. 2008

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