Our Thanksgiving…… Kassey 

             Thanksgiving was a glorious day when her TN son and family came. He brought
her birthday gifts and a small fiber optic Christmas tree and  small battery-operated snowman.
She now has them on top of her new printer where I enjoy sitting. So, I’m not impressed with
these things. I want her to look at me instead of her gifts. 
             It was a good visit as always and I actually enjoy the children’s visit except when they want to pet
me. I tolerate it for awhile and warn them with my ear signals which Mom watches for.
             They got their usual waffles and sausage for breakfast. After breakfast, she and Kellen went to
K mart to make the Black Friday toy sale. So Kellen helped her get his and Devon’s star wars toys. She said
they got the last two and this sure made her happy.
             She then cooked supper, cooking Son’s favorite green beans, boiled potatoes in the jacket and chicken with noodles. They then visited Son # 1, because they couldn’t stay for the family Thanksgiving
dinner at his house on Saturday.
            On Saturday, they headed back to TN, planning to trim the tree. God-willing, they’ll be back Christ-
mas. We can hardly wait, although, I don’t understand this Christmas stuff. Oh well, I’m just a cat.

Blessings Always, Kassey    12/12/09   copied  1/16/15