Catching Yall Up….KASSEY 

Well, things are settling down some now, it seems. I’m finally getting used to ‘my’ recliner
being in a new spot. I now just curl up in the seat. And I don’t dare get on the back of it like 
I used to. It just looks funny. She protects the furniture with sheets and one of her tops is
draped over it and it’s a different color. Even though I prefer things to stay the same, she
keeps re-arranging the furniture.
At least I didn’t have to move to her bathroon when the ‘bug man’ came. She just closed
my door with my pan close to the door. She had just gotten home from the Honda place and
was surprized by the ‘bug man’.
We’ve been having some nice rain lately and yesterday, our storm radio came on with alerts.
We were blessed again and didn’t have to go into our closet. I don’t like that closet cuz I need
plenty of space. I remember the last time, it was hot weather..too hot to be cooped up in a closet.
On a sad note here.. Betsy, our neighbor, lost her son. I like Betsy and she asks my human about me
when they meet outside and talk and she visits too. I love company as yall know.
On a happy note…Andy has a new Grand-Daughter and her pix will be posted soon we hope. Of course,
I’m anxious to see her too…..from a safe distance. 
Until next time, God’s Blessings To Everyone……. KasseyCat face