Friday, January 16, 2015

Talking about Thunder Storms Way Down Here 

 Thank you all for your comments. I forgot to tell you all that while we were in Big Lott’s,the bottom fell out and an umbrella would have been useless. I went to the car with my jacket over my head,turned on the seat heaters and drove up to the building to pick up Jeanne, puddles everywhere.I’m thankful we got home safe and Lord-willing the hunt for a hot air corn popper will continue.
Jeanne and I went to Walmart and got the Thanksgiving pictures developed finally and I’m not a photographer so I’m not real pleased with them.It’s a stormy tonight so I’ll wait until tomorrow to post them.We brought our groceries home and I left mine in the floor except for frozen stuff, ’cause I wanted to go to Big Lot’s before the storm really set in.I told Kassey I had to go back to town and she was upset with me.This cat isn’t subtle in her body language.Her fur ruffles when I talk to her, when she’s upset with me.I gave her some of her favorite ice cream(butter pecan w/o nuts),but that didn’t fix it.She kept meowing about something and finally after checking litter box, seemed ok. So I told her to show me what she needed and I followed her to my bathroom.After my shower, instead of putting my dress in the washing machine, I left it in the floor. She went to my dress and started rubbing on it.Well, this was a broad hint for me to stay home with her, but I wanted to go to Big Lot’s to buy a hot air popcorn popper, which I didn’t find.I started thisa blog last night but it was really bad so I turned off the PC. Have a blessed you all, A
copied 1/16/15     Dec.2009 

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