GG……Very Blessed….Bossy Cat 

I’m happy to have seen my TN Grands over the weekend. I have pics, of course. I  don’t
have this often enough, but I’ll settle for the time I do have with them. They are really
energetic, ages 7, 8, 9 yrs. old. Wow, I had mine close, but not this close. And they are
all male. Of course for them, it’s good to be close in age. I do wish that my TN son and
his family lived here close…. maybe  one day. (Birth order, boy, girl, boy)
One day, not too long ago…seems like ages though, K-8yr. old Grand-daughter, 7 yrs. then, came in
the kitchen and  looked me in the eye and told me when she got be grown that she might
come live with me ‘if you’re still living’ . This would be wonderful . Even though I’d be an
old lady ( hey, I’m old now…lol ) by then, but,it sure would be nice. If not, I hope to be in Paradise. 
They stayed in a Motel for the swimming pool. I got pics of them when I took them some waffles.
They love my waffles as Kassey mentioned some time back.  Kassey stayed on her pillow while
they were here.
Kassey sure has been whiny this AM. But I reckon I satisfied her every whim. I have to go through
the apt. looking. She had left me an upchuck…yall know why from my blogs. Also, I had something
 on her thingy so she couldn’t get in the window. So now , she is resting in front of the window while
I blog. She is my relentless boss, but a joy to this old GG……Blessed Monday Everyone, GGRed rose