Friday, January 16, 2015


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          I can’t believe I actually shared ‘my’ recliner with her last night.
She had a tiring day doing her usual thing. Maybe she’ll get everything
like she wants it, one day. She said I had to use the couch, so she could
use the recliner while she watched the baseball game and be online too.
She thought I had gone to the bedroom, so she called me. In the dim light,
she saw me on the couch, in an alert position, of course. Well, she had called
my name…lol  She then told me I could come and sit with her. I did just that.
I curled up beside her. Now this was a first for us, cuz I won’t even sit in her lap.
        Andy moved the desktop back in the bedroom and that’s where we are now.
We can see more goings-on in here. And she got that corner by the TV uncluttered.
We have plenty of room with the twin bed, which needs to be replaced. Just recently,
she turned over too far and was nearly dumped in the floor. She does amuse me…. lol
Until next time….you furry friends keep laughing at your humans. 
 Blessing Always,  KasseyCat face  11/5/09   copied  1/16/15
They put an ad in I couldn't copy comments which I enjoy re-reading.

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