Friday, January 16, 2015

Snow Showers and Senior Moments 

Yesterday evening,we finally got some snow showers, lovely to see. It was mixed with rain and sleet. Today (12th)I had a DR.’s appointment in my hometown which I didn’t keep after talking to the receptionist. She said the streets were really slick and someone had to bring her to work in a truck. She said she drives a Honda too. I was already on my way when I called the office and I was able to get another appointment, just blood work and check-up.
Before starting to the DR.s, I stopped for gas and after I turned off the engine,I couldn’t unlock the door from the inside.So I put the key back in the switch and was gonna turn it and the alarm went off.I thought it was never gonna shut up. The attendant came out and I rolled down the window and told him I couldn’t unlock the car.I turned the key and it quit.After this, a senior moment really kicked in…funny now…I went inside and told the man that the pump wasn’t on and he said that the pump was on and I just needed to press the button for the gas I wanted.I always knew this, of course. lol. Anyways when I went in I just handed him my credit card,’cause the printer outside doesn’t work anyways.After all this I didn’t want him to think I might just drive off. Come to think of it, I think he kinda looked at me funny.Eye-rolling
I sure recall this day...didn't know my new car yet.....copied 1/16/15    Dec. 2008

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