Kassey’s Blog About Her Subject 

Well, this is a fine mess that SHE made, yall know who I’m talking about. She said there was a tornado coming and she needed to clean out the closet for us.  She put me in my carrier, but I kept clawing to get out. Good grief !!  It was hot enough in that closet without being in that thing. Being the good subject that she is, she let me out. As you can see in the pictures, I was not a happy cat.  She was happy, coz she was on-line with someone she talks to ALL the time, which is another blog in itself. She spends more time talking to this human than she does me.  I guess the worst part was over for us, coz she let me out ….finally.  It was my naptime anyhow. 
 Oh!! She finished deflating that queen sized air mattress and inflated the twin size.  It’s a good one coz she doesn’t wake up in a hole in the middle, which sure looked funny to me. Humans are a wierd species anyways. But, I still won’t sleep with her.  I prefer my lofty bed  which is quite a bit higher and I can see out the window. You see , she leaves the blinds just high enough for me so I can sit in the window sill.  Nobody can see in  with no lights on inside and we’ve got enough  outside light  shining on the window.  
This human she talks to online , sent her some flowers in a vase for Easter. Well everyone knows that cats love flowers too, who wouldn’t?  They are beautiful, especially the Roses.  I just want to smell of them, but she’a always telling me ," No Kassey,  Leave my flowers alone ! "   She had to take her Honda to get the shiny coat put on again. Do you think she left them setting out so I could enjoy them and do my cat thing??  Nooo, she put them in the Her bathroom and closed the door.  A kitty’s life is good around here though coz my subject loves me and I love her too. I’ve tried to be more affectionate since she has made two long trips lately with my Aunt Jeanne to her son’s house.
I have to go to my room now and take another nap.  Blessings….KasseyCat faceRed rose